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KidFest Portland

KidFest Portland

Welcome to KidFest!

Northwest's Premier Family Expo, serving the Northwest now for over 8 years.  This event is truly the place to find what's best for you and your child.  Each year we bring together the best exhibitors from the Northwest to provide you with the latest information, products and services. This careful blend of local businesses, regional and corporate exhibits coupled with interactive activities and entertainment, ensures that KidFest provides the perfect setting for families to discover the best the Northwest has to offer.

Date Title Venue City Type
17.02.2018 - 18.02.2018 KidFest! NW's Largest Family Expo Portland Expo Center Portland KidFest Portland
17.02.2018 - 18.02.2018 SportFest! NW's Multi-Sport & Fitness Expo Portland Expo Center Portland KidFest Portland
28.04.2018 - 28.04.2018 BabyFest! Portland's Biggest Baby Shower Oregon Convention Center - KidFest Portland

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